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Brackey’s Game Jam Game Game Jam game. FPS meets puzzle meets deadline meets annoying too-complicated asset. This one is more fun for me, though.

And another new little app

I’ve built another little game; it’s called WordPrism and headed to the various stores shortly.

Release of Duality and Balance

I’ve built another game. (This makes 3 heading out into the world in the last 4 months, which is slow; I’m aiming for one every two weeks and a fix build in the middle) This game is a physics-based balance… Continue Reading →

Jigmath V0.2

I’ve now updated JigMath, adding fixes, removing bugs. Still an Alpha.Additions:Win ScreenNews Feed ReaderSimplified InterfaceEtc.Known Major Issues:1. The second puzzle still detects object clicks for the first, requiring user to try dragging the same piece twice to actually move it.2…. Continue Reading →

Update Delayed

This feed isn’t being read by anyone yet. I intended to release at least once a week. It’s been 10 days. I’ve been working on core issues, but really this is just a record for me that I’ve fallen behind on… Continue Reading →

And we do a small Friends and Family release to Itch!

Time to fail.So, I’ve been avoiding doing a broad release. I’ve been nervous, and fiddling with the same ten bugs, and not doing what I needed to do, which is pull the trigger and see if anyone:a) Uses my appb)… Continue Reading →

It Begins!

So, I’m starting something new here.  I am writing a large game at the moment, but for publicity purposes I aim to publish something to the various app stores once a month for the next six months or so.  The… Continue Reading →

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